Maths is Good for You! resources

(sorted in alphabetic order)

These resources are for everyone wanting to do some maths and learn a little bit of its history. Originally they were made for use in a classroom; over the years I’ve heard they were used by people learning mathematics on their own, or by children learning at home. Feel free to use them yourself, but please do not share with others (you can send them a link to this page instead).  

This page will shortly be updated with links to articles relating to the downloadables, and with some other resources. Until then, enjoy what is here!

Babylonian numerals

Big numbers

Binary numbers

Christmas presents: how many presents would you get over the 12 days of Christmas?

Egyptian numerals (this worksheet is about addition using Egyptian numerals)

Egyptian fractions

Eratosthenes sieve 100

Eratosthenes sieve 200

Eratosthenes sieve 500

Fibonacci numbers and rabbits

Fibonacci numbers – this resource is an excel sheet and it takes you on a little exploration about the ratios between the numbers in Fibonacci sequence

Golden ratio

Irrational numbers

Mobiüs’ strip

Napier’s bones

Pascal’s triangle


Polyhedra workshop resource

Pythagoras’ theorem